Welcome to Taylor Cattle Co.

Once Upon A Time...There was a couple who had a lovely Ranch in Yorktown, Texas. They decided to raise beautiful Texas Longhorn cattle. Because their calves were important to them, they wanted each to have special names that would tie them back to Taylor Cattle Co. forever. So, when their first male was born, they started the tradition of including “Tejas” in every little bull’s name thereafter. They followed with the same tradition for all of the little baby heifers, including “Texana” in their names. Whenever a baby is born at Taylor Cattle Co. to this day, this tradition is upheld.

Today, their Longhorns are in herds all across the Country. Some of their most famous and favorites include:

And then...other breeders who had invested in Tejas Star semen and bloodlines started to see the rewarding results of their planning and matings. How exciting!

Taylor Cattle Co. would like everyone to remember their story of success and anytime you see a beautiful Longhorn with “Tejas” or “Texana” in the name to know how special that animal is to them, having been bred and born on their Ranch. They would also like to invite you to visit their updated website to purchase Tejas Star semen, or their ranch if you’d like to take home Tejas or Texana bloodlines to add to your own fairytale story for a very happy ending.
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